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Skull painted helmet

skull crusher helmetThe Skull Crusher is a universal hand-crafted helmet made of an original ballistic mixture of Kevlar and carbon fibre. It weights about 1 lb. This aerodynamic design is exclusive to Skull Crush. The carbon fibre shell is very low-profile and extremely durable.

The Inside

The interior is made of an ultra-comfortable polyurethane foam and has removable size modification shields.

The Trim

We utilize Tru-Lock edging across the shell to help expand praise the appearance, feel, and general top-notch this handmade helmet.


The weight of a Skull Crusher is approximately 1 lb for a dimensions huge. Give and take several ounces, with regards to the size.

Wind Resistance

The Skull Crusher model is our most aerodynamic shell relating to breeze tunnel testing. It has a slight aerodynamic advantage on our Traditional Half Shell. This helmet is perfect for people who fight the wind while driving with no windshield.

DOT or Non-DOT?

Regardless of extremely high quality of the Skull Crusher, its a really low-profile helmet with just minimal protection. Do to the extreme low-profile, it's a universal use helmet, maybe not a DOT helmet. The consumer assumes any and all responsibility because of it's application or usage.

Lead Time

The clear gloss Crusher helmet is handmade, one-by-one. The hold off time is 3-4 MONTHS. When you have an issue with all the wait time, cannot order! Calling or emailing to "check the status" of one's helmet will likely not help to have it faster. Quality is our number 1 concern, not amount. Our helmets will not be rushed for any explanation and we will maybe not respond to impatience. Each and every helmet is offered a massive level of focus on information. Skull Crush helmets would be the peak of excellence.

Weaver Patterns

The weave habits shown in the pics may vary. This is accomplished deliberately to keep your helmet special among others. A ll weave habits similarly stunning and powerful.

Terms & Conditions

By purchasing any helmet from Skull Crush Inc. (Skull Crush) I, the purchaser, user, or user of this helmet, hereby agrees to waive, release, hold harmless and indemnify Skull Crush Inc., it really is representatives, employees, and officers of Skull Crush Inc. from all losses, statements, debts, activities, expenses, and expenditures including without limitation attorney's costs, involving personal or actual damage (including demise) or home problems that will be sustained because of the purchaser, individual, or wearer of this helmet.

If I was agreeing to the release as a purchaser however user of the item bought from Skull Crush Inc., after that inclusion towards the foregoing release, We agree, indemnify and hold harmless Skull Crush Inc. from and against every obligation claims, activities, needs, and judgements that may occur out of or in in any manner could arise out of the using or utilizing any item from Skull Crush Inc.

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