Tamiya Paint Airbrush

Mixing paint for Airbrush

Directions on thinning paint.

Thinners, cleaners and solvents for Testors & Model Master paints.

Acrylic thin can be utilized once the paint is damp. See here. Whenever cleansing wet paint from an airbrush, use the acrylic cleaner given below. If Acrylic paint dries on or in your airbrush, usage one of many cleansers to eliminate the dried paint.

Acrylic Thinners & Cleaners
Model Master Acrylic 50496A 4 oz.
Model Master Acrylic Cleaner 50497A 4 oz.

Dried Paint Solvents
Model Master Dried Paint Solvent 50495 1-3/4 oz.

All enamel thinners are usable along with other enamel shows. Model Master and Testors are interchangeable. Whenever cleansing damp paint from airbrush use thinner. To eliminate the dried paint usage enamel slimmer or lacquer slimmer.

Enamel Thinners & Wet Cleaners
Model Master thin 8824 8 oz.
Model Master thin 1156XT 1-3/4 oz.
Model Master Airbrush thin 1789X 1-3/4 oz.
Testors Thinner 1148TT & 1148C2 1/4 oz.
CREATEFX Thinner 79256 1-3/4 oz.

Lacquer Thinner
There's two forms of lacquer thinners when you look at the Testers distinct products: Model Master Metalizer and Model Master Lacquer. The thinners for those services and products should not be intermixed. If an excessive amount of not the right slimmer is included with the paint, the paint may split and develop non-sprayable goo. When cleaning always use the formula made for that brand name. Dry paint may be eliminated with any lacquer thinner.

Lacquer Thinners & Cleaners
Model Master car Lacquer thin 28016 ½ oz.
Model Master Lacquer Thinner 2018 1 oz.
Metalizer Lacquer thin 1419 1-3/4 oz.
Testors Lacquer Thinner for Dullcote/Glosscote 1159X 1 oz.

Airbrush Thinning Ratios
Generally whenever spraying paints through Aztek airbrushes, the paint ought to be the consistency of take advantage of or thinner.
Never include thinner into the paint container. In the event that paint is over thinned, the paint may not be thickened. Try not to to over slim level Enamels, as they can seek out a gloss if over thinned. Details airbrushing requires practice and varies greatly because of the gear and environment stress getting used. Test on scrap material before beginning painting a genuine project.

NOTE: the figures allow me to share only helpful tips and could vary from color to shade.

Model Master Testors Enamel Paint
Gloss; 3 parts paint to 2 components slimmer
Flat; 3 components paint to 1 part slimmer,
Air force setting should be around 20-25 PSI
Enamels need 48 hours for the full treatment
Thinner: - all enamel solvents

Model Master Testors Acrylic
Most Model Master and Testors "Acrylic" shows tend to be pre-thinned for airbrushing. Thin paint with the addition of thinner stop by fall, until your persistence happens to be accomplished.
Air force is about 18-20 PSI
Acrylics will dry to touch in mins; they might need twenty four hours for a full cure
Slimmer: - all acrylic thinners

Model Master Metalizer is pre-thinned for spraying and will not require thinning.
Air presser must be around 18-20 PSI
Metalizer will dry to touch in moments; they might require 24 hours for a full cure
Slimmer: - 1419 metalizer slimmer

Model Master Car Lacquer
Model Master Auto lacquer is certainly not thinned to spray incorporate 2 parts thinner to 3 parts paint enhance visit fall.
Air pressure setting should always be more or less 20-25 PSI. A lot of high-pressure environment will cause cob webbing.
Automobile Lacquers will dry to touch in moments; they might need twenty four hours for a complete treatment
Slimmer: - 28016 slimmer only

Testor Enamels
Gloss; 3 components paint to 2 components thinner
Flat; 3 components paint to at least one component slimmer
Air pressure will have to be sprayed about 21-25 PSI

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