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PointZero Airbrush

PointZero Airbrush tend to be a household had American organization that create and distributes airbrushing tools. Their particular organization motto is “Airbrush products for All” and their particular aim is always to bring the strategies and expertise of huge industry into the home, offering another definition to DIY and changing imagination into truth, whilst upholding the core values of a small business offering an individual and honest solution to their consumers.

Reason for Model

This twin-cylinder airbrush compressor was created to accommodate all airbrushing requires, from war video gaming figures and model tanks to meals decorating and body and nail art. All PointZero Airbrush components are produced towards the greatest criteria in the same factories around the world that a number of the biggest airbrush organizations utilize. These components tend to be then skillfully analyzed and place collectively into the PointZero factory in Florida. This kind of item functions an air container that perfects the problems of excessive force pulsations which can be frequently within container less compressors which produces a smooth output resulting in an amazing finish. In addition, this product is actually created with the consumer at heart, it's been able to combine expert manufacturing with smart ergonomics, showing up designed with a straightforward carry handle in addition to plastic legs which will protect the task surface.

What’s inside Container?

Along with the airbrush compressor it self you'll also get a grounded 120 volt power cord and operating handbook, as well as the PointZero 30 day money back guarantee.


The functions and advantages of the product tend to be substantial, with every element built to supply accuracy and ease to the individual.

  • The precision-forger pistons deliver some really impressive hp with no sound that you'd expect off their services and products. The sound level in fact is available in at a tiny 59db.
  • The item in addition includes twin running settings. When you look at the main place, once the pressure reaches 60psi it'll pattern off before stress reduces to 40psi and the system will restart. When you look at the secondary position the compressor will operate constantly additionally the maximum production is 100psi.
  • The power saving functions prevents the motor from using yet still provides enough stress to operate many airbrushes.
  • The air container holds an enormous 1 gallon of air which lowers the amount of run rounds needed.
  • The tank in addition includes a threaded strain plug plus a stress launch valve. This enables the consumer to get rid of any accumulated liquid safely and simply.
  • Because of the oil less design, this compressor in fact is ideal for all airbrushing programs.
  • The product normally Maintenance free, CE certified and thermally protected.

pointzero compressor experiencesDimensions and particular Features

This product will come in at a weight of around 17 weight, so that it’s not too heavy for regular usage. It really is 13 ins long, 5 ins large and 12 ins high. The atmosphere distribution with this compressor is approximated at 1.3 CFM. In addition, the connection is a 1/8 inches BSP male outlet.

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Consumer Reviews

“we needed a compressor for my aircraft modelling needs. Because of the constant airstream with no horrible pulsating that container less compressors have this product fits my requires completely, and I also would definitely recommend to virtually any other model creating hobbyists.”

“whenever I bought this model for makeup products and body paint airbrushing I became amazed by exactly how great it had been. Makeup airbrushing requires really low pressures so in primary place mode the unit just in fact emerged on a handful of times over a good couple of hours. My only gripe with this specific product is that it didn’t match my standard size hose pipe, nonetheless that problem had been easily fixed and it is certainly worth it.”

Final Thoughts

Lastly, this product could be the perfect compressor both for newbies and experts. Buying from a small family members owned company provides more protection that you may get elsewhere. The expert design integrates ease with expertise and it is suited to all airbrushing pursuits. The removal of sound is one of the biggest positives using this item, to utilize it yourself without waking the youngsters. Really the only con is that the link may possibly not be suitable for standard hoses, nevertheless this problem can be simply fixed.

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