0.4Mm Multi-Purpose Airbrush

Electric Airbrush Kit

The next-generation, high power, double activity, force adjustable airbrush has arrived (and it appears spectacular too!). Achieve really professional impacts with this effective and very portable airbrush well suited for the essential demanding dessert artist who calls for consistent outcomes whenever. The top-notch versatile 45 psi airbrush features a strong, durable, yet quiet mini compressor that allows one to attain all airbrush techniques, such as for example colour fades and blends, shading 3D sugarcraft plants and models, stencilling, freehand shots, detail and fine lines.

It’s perfect for use utilizing the new number of Squires Kitchen Airbrush Colours and powerful adequate to utilize cocoa butter. The system includes the airbrush gun, air compressor, integral airbrush holder, environment hose pipe and two no-cost Squires Kitchen Airbrush tones to give you begun.

Kit Includes:

  • Airbrush firearm
  • Air compressor
  • Built-in airbrush owner
  • Air hose pipe
  • 2 x Squires Kitchen Airbrush Colour (electric blue and fiesta yellow)


  • Dual-action airbrush for full control of both environment and color
  • Single-action device to change the airbrush into a less complicated single action airbrush
  • Gravity cup with metal cover to stop spillage
  • Professional material airbrush handle
  • 0.4mm versatile nozzle ideal for thicker items such as for instance metallic paints and cocoa butter

After-care solution and help:

Squires Kitchen provide a two-year warranty, repair solution and tech support team. Please see leaflet to get more details

Air Compressor Specification

  • Model: #1A
  • Airflow: 12-14 Ipm (0.42-0.49cfm) at open circulation
  • Pressure adjustable
  • Preset max stress: 45psi
  • Body weight: 2.5kg (5.5Ibs)
  • Size: L17.5cm x W9cm x H17.2cm (6.9
  • Deal with with built-in airbrush holder
  • Top-quality air hose pipe


Squires Cooking Area

Manufacturers Item Code


Use instructions

  1. Plug the compressor in to the electric mains (220v to 240v only).
  2. Link the hose into airbrush and compressor.
  3. Pour airbrush colour or hot cocoa butter into the airbrush cup and replace the cover.
  4. Push the airbrush trigger down for air before pulling returning to present colour, or fit the single-action atmosphere valve for constant airflow and just pull the trigger straight back for color.
  5. Pull the trigger back for greater protection.
  6. Apply colour slowly in a light mist that dries on contact so the surface does not get also wet.
  7. Keep the airbrush weapon close to the cake and pull the trigger back somewhat for a fine line.
  8. After turning from the compressor, release pressure from system by pushing down on the airbrush trigger before switching back in again.
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